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Understanding the Service “Home Visit Doctor” / “Médecin À Domicile”

In today’s fast-moving world, healthcare is changing to keep up with our busy lives. Now, doctors can come to your home to see you, focusing on care that puts you first. These home visits let you get medical assistance right on time, where you’re most comfortable. It’s good to understand how the service home visit doctor is delivered and what to expect, from when your doctor gets to your door until your appointment is over.

What is a home visit doctor?

Home visit doctors provide medical consultation and treatment in the comfort of patients’ homes, offering flexible and well-suited medical care to meet each patient’s needs. A home visit doctor, often stays on the move, with well equipped medical supplies in order to ensure first line treatment whenever needs arises. 

It is important to highlight that “Home Visit Doctor” is a service that is offered either by private practicing doctors or by healthcare organisations. In Mauritius, the service “Home Visit Doctor” is commonly referred as “Médecin à Domicile” and it’s offered by several healthcare firms. However, OCS Médecin stands out as we do more than just home doctor visits. We deliver a wide range of healthcare services directly to your home, including doctor consultations, mental health counselling, physiotherapy, and other specialised healthcare services.

What to Expect from OCS Médecin Home Visit Doctors?

Our Home Visit Doctor service has been meticulously framed promising a comprehensive and patient-centred healthcare experience. From the moment, our doctors step in your home, your healthcare journey begins in five sequential care strategies tailored to optimise your health. 

Our five care strategies are:

  1. Physical Examination
  2. Diagnostic Testing and Blood Investigation
  3. Discussion and Diagnostic Information
  4. Treatment Plan Implementation
  5. Follow-Up Planning

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