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OCS Médecin is deeply committed to supporting you throughout your healthcare journey. To achieve this, our team is constantly redefining the concept of home medical services, aiming to provide enhanced medical assistance within the comfort of your home. With this goal in mind, our cadre of health professionals now includes general practitioners, cardiologists, psychiatrists, psychologists, and physiotherapists, all united to offer holistic and comprehensive care tailored to your needs.

So far we served over 5000 patients all over Mauritius

Patients treated at OCS Santé Health Hub
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Home visits by OCS Médecin GP
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Patients treated at home by
OCS Médecin
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Blood test & Investigation done at home by Genex Lab
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Our Prime collaborators are OCS Santé, Genex Lab & OCS Soins

Join the growing family of satisfied patients who trust OCS Médecin for their healthcare needs, reinforcing our reputation as a leading home healthcare provider in Mauritius.

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